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💬 Introduction of Company

Be Priceless is a community-centred non-profit educational organization that empowers children, youth and families to strengthen well-being and safety.
Their SEED Courses (Self-value, Empower, Educate and protect from Dangers) are empowering life skills training that strengthens children, youth and caregivers’ capacity and practices for personal and collective growth, well-being and safety.

🪴 Be Priceless can help with

  • Providing SEED Course to strengthen knowledge, skills, mindsets, and practices that promote well-being and safety of 3 audience groups:
    • Children (4-6 years-olds, 7-10 year-olds, 11-16 year-olds)
    • Parents / Caregivers (including from local, low-income, ethnic minority, asylum seekers, refugees, migrant e.g. domestic workers, new immigrants, cross-border households)
    • Educators (e.g. social workers, teachers, school counsellors, NGO workers committed to implementing free SEED courses in their community)

Case studies

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