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Topic examples: Creating an efficient Board, eliminate “waste” from the current process, growth strategy through operational and financial planning, identifying customers & customer behaviour analytics, improving internal capability for operation efficiency

About William

William is a seasonal Strategy consultant where he has worked across several large corporates, NGO and Government institutions such as Business Science Corporation, Catchafire, PwC, UNOV, UNIC and UNICEF. Apart from Strategy planning and growth, he also has experience in
  • Board Assessment and Recruitment
  • Process Assessment and Improvement
  • Financial Planning and Operation Budget
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data Analytics, Visualisation and Governance
  • Pricing Strategy
Growing in South Africa, he was given opportunities to work on projects in New Zealand, UK, USA and is currently in Hong Kong.  He is passionate about making a social impact by looking at a more dynamic perspective with the “Making data work for you” motto, ensuring that organisation can use the data that they have in making better decision making.
When taking some rest, you can find William either on the football, basketball or cricket field and occasionally hiking.

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