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Topic examples: Research idea generation and execution, survey design, stakeholder engagement, data visualization, predictive analytics, text analysis, research reporting

About Timothy

Timothy is a professional working in the field of sustainability. He has 5+ years of experience working in both boutique and large organizations including HSBC, PwC, GlobeScan and SVhk. He is an associate actuary and specializes in quantitative research, predictive analytics and data visualization.
Timothy has helped various non-profit organizations on research projects, including WWF, UNICEF, ADB, Redress, etc. Research topics cover public perception on societal issues, campaign message testing, employee and stakeholder feedback. He acted as project manager and oversaw these projects from start to finish: questionnaire and stakeholder lists, fieldwork (surveys/interviews), data analytics and visualization, reporting and presentation.
As a data scientist, Timothy not only specializes in applying statistical models to traditional data analysis, but also adopts these techniques onto survey design. He has knowledge in running predictive analytics models and topic modelling on text data using R. Timothy has also hosted multiple training sessions on best practices of data visualization.

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