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Topic examples: Internal leadership / career development, build a high performing team, develop a business strategy for transformation, solve major challenges under adverse situation, mentor high potential executives to achieve success both personally and professionally

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“Robin has helped us immensely by engaging the team in an interactive and inspiring session about strategy development. The session not only provided us with the necessary knowledge, it also offered a space for the team to align our ideas and brainstorm the next steps in our process. Overall, it was very empowering, and we are grateful for Robin's generosity.”
— Christy, Asia Art Archive
Robin is an Executive Coach/Corporate Advisor with a successful track record in corporate management. His coaching experience encompasses a diversified background of over three hundred executives in areas related to leadership, communication, career development and business strategy. His clients were international corporations and government institutions such as Bank of America, Motorola, Cisco, Hong Kong Housing Society, Morgan Stanley and Hong Kong Hospital Authority. His previous assignments include the development of C-level executives to take up the succession planning role; particularly those who have a predominantly technical background and want to develop their leadership and business strategic skills. He is passionate to help individuals to achieve the highest level through a journey of personal discovery and a commitment to excellence. He advises corporations on business strategy and operational excellence through challenging their existing status quo. The process is to instigate corporate transformation related to business vision, culture for excellence and critical resource prioritization. He develops high performance teams by encouraging behaviors that exhibit risk taking, innovation and creativity. Robin was the CEO with Lark International Holdings Limited. Lark is a diversified conglomerate with core activities in the Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Apparel, Dairy Products, Investment and Properties. During his tenure, the organization improved significantly in major areas related to market positioning, revenue generation and new product development. He was responsible for bringing in the advanced IMAX cinema technology into Hong Kong and China. He was active in talent development as Centre Director for The Management Development Center of Hong Kong. He introduced state of the art leadership development programs including executive coaching to the business community. The Center won prestigious awards in management development. He also launched the Business Start-Up Centre which helped over three hundred business starts up during the economic crisis. He was a member of the government’s Small and Medium Enterprise Committee and played an important role in the launch of the government highly popular subsidized self- development program. Robin has an extensive tenure with the financial services industry whereby he was the Head of Operations for American Express in the Asian region; covering the China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines.
He started his career with a UK based management consulting group, P.A. Management.
You can ask Robin’s help on the following topics:
  • Leadership and career development related to coaching individuals to reach their full potential
  • Building a high performance team to achieve ambitious/realistic goals
  • Developing business strategy with seamless execution towards future transformation
  • Advising corporations to solve major business challenges under adverse situation
  • Mentoring of high potential executives to achieve success from both a personal and professional perspective

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