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Topic examples: Strategy development and implementation, corporate governance, capacity building, mentoring staff, connecting with business world, ESG trend analysis

About Prudence

I am an experienced in-house lawyer who is passionate about strategy development and capacity building for NGOs and charities.
Having a strong interest in the intersection of law and social issues, over the years I have played different roles in NGOs on a voluntary basis such as advising them on legal and governance issues, mentoring young people of different ages, providing career advice and practical steps on achieving career goals and developing professional networks for fundraising and building stronger communities etc. It is clear to me that developing and implementing effective strategies is crucial for the survival and development of NGOs, especially when a lot of them are having limited resources.
In recent years, ESG has become such a key topic and corporations are trying to work with NGOs in order to realise their ESG goals and visions. There are a lot of opportunities in this space and I am keen to offer suggestions on how to bridge the gap between the two worlds in order to channel the resources to the right NGOs.
I can offer ideas on strategy development and execution, geopolitical risk analysis, corporate governance, ESG trend analysis, corporate communications, partnership building and formation, connection building, professional networking, career advice and mentoring of staff members to NGOs which are interested in expanding and strengthening their capacity.

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