Apply for a consultation session to review your organization’s fundraising proposal/draft, and identify potential next steps and improvement.

Topic examples: Concept note, fundraising proposal or report review and proofreading

About Kei

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Kei has about five years of work experience at professional service firms in business development and operations roles in lean team settings. In these positions, she builds and streamlines the structure of the internal processes, identifies and fills communication gaps, and writes and edits stakeholder engagement and client facing materials.
Kei can provide advice on how to make every word function. In a profession of synthesizing information and delivering tailor-made messages to different target audience profiles in a clear and precise manner, her work predominantly includes proposals, pitches and reports to develop a business case, win work and present findings.
Outside of work, Kei is a volunteer who assists NGOs and SEs by editing and proofreading their materials in the same vein.

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