Enquire for pro-bono services from GIVE.asia’s team to discuss further about your online fundraising campaign needs.

Estimated lead time: 1 week to create the landing page for donations
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💬 Introduction of Company

GIVE.asia is Asia’s leading free fundraising platform in which individuals, charities, and corporates can fundraise in a simple and engaging way.
Impact to date:
  • HKD 522+ million raised
  • 16,000 campaigns
  • 1.8+ million givers
  • 700+ charities

💰 GIVE.asia can help with

  • Create customised page to receive monthly/one off donations
    • Set your own monthly/one-off donation amount
    • Customised theme colour
  • Put a donation button on your website
  • Create fundraising events/campaigns
  • Create fundraising events with goodies
    • Offer different packages (i.e. T-shirts for donors)
  • Create private link for corporate partners
    • For Gala dinner donation, or if company want to do
No service fee required from GIVE.asia
  • Only 1.5% bank transaction fee
  • You will be receiving 98.5% of the funds raised
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Past projects / Case studies

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Enquire for pro-bono online fundraising services

Please kindly email us at volunteers@timeauction.org and we will connect you with the service provider to learn more.