Apply for a consultation session with Jamie and her facilitator friends to review your organization’s non-profit board strategic planning & board governance, and identify potential next steps.

Topic examples: Board assessment/review, board governance and strategic planning

About Jamie

Jamie is in her fifth year working in the Credit Suisse Corporate Citizenship APAC team. In her day-to-day job, she dedicates her time in supporting philanthropy grant efforts as well as driving engagement initiatives for Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Prior to Credit Suisse, Jamie facilitated cross-sector collaboration using design thinking at Good Lab, a think-and-do tank for social innovation. She graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a MA degree of Anthropology.
Her facilitator friends are a group of certified professional facilitators from Singapore with each having over 10 years experience. They actively volunteer their facilitation skills for non-profit strategic planning and board governance review. The complementary consultation provided by Jamie and another certified facilitator will focus on how to improve the board effectiveness.
What are the roles of facilitators
Facilitators serve as neutral agents through a highly structured process in which the facilitators guide the participants through a series of predefined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants (Source: Michael Wilkinson, IAF). For non-profit board meetings, the professional facilitators
  • Plan the facilitated sessions using appropriate methods and processes
  • Maintain an non-judgmental stance by optimising the neutrality throughout the engagement with the board members and NGO members
  • Create a participatory environment for non-profit board and NGO members as well as honour diversity and ensure inclusiveness
  • Deliver the plan effectively to achieve group consensus and meet group desired objectives. *A pre-session scoping meeting is also required. (Source: 2021 IAF Core Competencies)
Who can apply for the consultation session
  • Small and medium-sized non-survented NGOs will be given the priorities in the first phase
  • Faith-based NGOs are welcome to apply
  • Shortlisted NGOs will receive a complimentary consultation of 2 hours in total (maximum 2 sessions)
  • Shortlisted NGOs will get insights into self-assessment diagnostic tool for the board to reflect upon the developmental steps to enhance overall effectiveness and efficiency
  • Shortlisted NGOs must be able to communicate in plain English
  • A maximum of 4 NGOs will be enrolled in 2022; section 88 is required to be qualified
  • “Low-bono” non-profit board governance facilitation sessions can be provided upon request/after evaluation

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