Enquire for discounted services from Under Production’s team to discuss further about your music production needs.

Estimated lead-time for production: Around 1 month

Under Production can help with

  • Music composition / production
  • Launch CD / albums
  • Plan and co-create music events / concerts
    • Audio Visual Production
    • Stage production
    • Experience with live music events, mall / venue events

📀 Production Process

  1. Initial quotation based on information / details provided
  1. Briefing & discussion call with UP team on production details
  1. Confirm and sign agreement (First payment instalment required)
  1. Under Production will manage composition, recording, post-production etc
  1. First DEMO
  1. Review, edit and confirm the composition (Remaining payment required)
  1. Song launch


  1. 根據基本資料初步報價
  1. 預約時間與我們討論出版詳情
  1. 簽訂合約並支付首期款項
  1. UP進行寫歌/灌錄/後期製作等
  1. 第一次DEMO
  1. 進行修改、確認歌曲及支付製作費用餘額
  1. 正式發佈

Past Projects / Case Studies

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Enquire for Discounted Production Services

Please kindly email us at volunteers@timeauction.org and we will connect you with the service provider to learn more.