If your organization has any legal needs, reach out to PILnet to discuss how they can provide free support from their network of pro bono lawyers.

Estimated lead time: Varies depending on urgency & complexity of the need
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💬 Introduction of Company

PILnet is a public interest law organization that creates opportunities for social change by building partnerships between civil society organizations and law firms. NGOs and Social Enterprises can request pro bono legal assistance and resources to advance their missions and protect their operations. Pro bono support will then be sourced through PILnet's large network of legal professionals.

⚖️ Services offered by PILnet

NGOs and Social Enterprises are free to articulate any organizational or programmatic legal need. PILnet will schedule a meeting to help further define the issue. Organizations that would like to undergo a comprehensive legal health check are also free to approach PILnet. This assessment will help to identify areas of potential risk, for which the organization may wish to seek specific legal support.
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Request pro bono legal support

Please kindly email us at volunteers@timeauction.org and we will connect you with the service provider to learn more.