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About Karl-John

Karl-John is a passionate software engineer focused on building and running mobile and backend software in cloud infrastructure. He has experience in Fintech as well as IoT devices.
He is keen on software architecture, infrastructure, and data. He is currently focused on streamlining the flow of mobile application development, from writing code to releasing it to production.
Karl-John is not only about tech. He also looks at ways to improve collaboration among teams and businesses by conducting process audits and workshops. He is a certified Scrum Master.
At present, Karl-John helps companies build digital products that are value-driven. He is currently helping to transform a French luxury brand to develop mobile applications in an Agile manner.
Feel free to contact Karl-John. He is a friendly, and open person to speak with and is always open to a chat. He is fluent in Dutch and English and is proficient in Cantonese.

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