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Topic examples: Brainstorming and reviewing PR/Communications strategy, tips for handling relationships with media, tips for successful event planning

About Jessica

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Every business has a unique story worth telling. As a seasoned Strategic Communications and Public Relations professional based in Hong Kong, I am passionate about partnering with businesses of all sizes – from start-ups to large multinationals – to develop strategies that amplify their brand and strengthen their reputation. I have the privilege of working closely with a diverse range of clients, including both local and international businesses. My extensive knowledge of the Asia market allows me to provide tailored strategic insights and guidance to help companies maximize their potential in the region. Additionally, I collaborate with Australian-based businesses to develop and implement effective expansion strategies in the APAC region. In my role as Executive Director and Partner at Joint PR Consultants since 2017, I spearhead the company's strategic direction, cultivate new business opportunities, and nurture a forward-thinking, innovative company culture.

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