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Topic examples: No-code tools integration, No-code tech-stack for NGO, Low-cost tech-stack for NGO, Digital & Cloud up-skilling workshop/tips sharing for employee

About Ivan

Ivan is a digital consultant skilled at no-code tools integration and lean start-up launching.
During the COVID in early 2020, he experienced a career transition, from a harmonica teacher to a 25+ multi-cloud certified Solutions Architect in 1 year.
He is experienced in project management and he has once served as the Global Head of PMO of ZStack.
Leveraging his experience in no-code tools integration, he launched a couple of solopreneurial start-ups with tech-stacks of yearly maintenance cost as low as the domain renewal cost. (<USD 30 year)
Ivan is a graduate of King's College and he holds an Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Harmonica Association and the King's College Old Boys' Association for 10+ years.
Ivan enjoys teaching harmonica and learning new tech tools in his spare time. He is keen on giving back to society and he is currently a mentor of the Strive and Rise Programme.

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