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About Isabelle

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Isabelle’s prime passion and strength lie in empowering those around her. She brings two decades of experience from the Finance industry incl. Strategy & Strategic Execution, Communications & Marketing, Business Development and Coaching.
Her fundraising and charitable endeavours go from hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, to cycling through Vietnam to Cambodia to raise funds, to managing the clothing department at Crossroads in Hong Kong, to working with a small size charity in Switzerland to ensure necessary goods are brought to refugees in the Ukraine and various other engagements bridging her corporate exposures with CSR related undertakings.
Isabelle is presently engaged in two mentoring and career development activities within other non-profit organisations across the finance industry. Her greatest sense of achievement is to enable others while being selfless in her pursuits. As a result, she has been mentoring professionals across industries and corporate levels since 2010 and was part of the women’s committee at one of her previous employers to drive the equality agenda.
Born in Croatia and grown up in Switzerland, Isabelle is also a British National living in Hong Kong. She takes great interest in coaching, photography, writing, history, travel and art.
Isabelle welcomes you to ask her any professional and personal questions. Below are some example questions you may ask:
  • Why is effective and persuasive communication so crucial to get buy-in from sponsors and raise more funds?
  • How do you mobilise people to get them to do things they may not have great interest in or see it as a priority?
  • How can we drive marketing campaign to get more volunteers, funding or material goods?
  • Why is one to one coaching/mentoring of individual team members key in improving operations, increase the organisational visibility and get more funding?
  • How can we transform this organisation and rebrand it?

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