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Topic examples: Concept note review, fundraising advice or strategy brainstorm

About Natalie

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⭐ Testimonials

“It’s nice to connect to a fellow AIESECer, Natalie, through Time Auction. I have gained a clearer picture of the consideration factors that philanthropic foundations/ corporates may have when it comes to collaborating in different programme organized by AIESEC. Those insights will help us formulate and enhance efficiency of our existing fundraising strategies.” — Isabella, AIESEC Hong Kong
“Natalie helped me brainstorm next steps for Body Banter's fundraising efforts - specifically, revisiting and clarifying our mission and activities to attract funders.” — Steph, Body Banter
Natalie is a general management professional with 10+ years in large corporates. She has extensive experience in strategic planning and business development, and plays a key role in representing the company to articulate the company’s strategic vision to stakeholders.
Natalie has also spent a year in the philanthropy sector. Acting as the funder, she worked closely with non-profit organisations to run deep analysis and co-create creative solutions to address social issues and amplify social impact. Outside of work, she is a pro-bono management consultant to various small and medium scale social enterprises and non-profit organisations in Hong Kong.
Having worked in both commercial and non-profit sector, Natalie can provide advice on how to formulate organisation strategy, determine fundraising priorities and craft interesting stories that can captivate potential donors and investors.

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