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About Edward

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⭐ Testimonials

“Time Auction never let us down. Edward the consultant is very helpful and provided many great tips for us to improve our fundraising strategies.” — Bryony, YMCA
“Edward shared fundraising strategies with us and have helped us to identify the priorities of focus for next steps.” — Edmond, Resolve Foundation
Edward has started his career in the commercial marketing field, comes to the nonprofit sector some 20 years ago and established his fundraising consultancy in mid-2016. Armed with colourful achievement in corporate marketing and management, Edward shifted his focus to social good eventually and has since been concentrating in the field of professional nonprofit advancement.
Over the last two decades, Edward has successfully helped organizations to raise substantial fund as well as their philanthropic and brand profiles. Among them are universities, local and international charities, and a professional body. Through Edward’s consultancy, he also delivered training on NGO marketing and fundraising, besides providing advisory services.
In 2019, Edward entered the tertiary education arena by taking up teaching assignments in teaching modules in leadership, nonprofit management, fundraising, CSR, social enterprise management, and alike on the undergraduate level.
More recently, Edward was appointed as an Executive Director of the Hong Kong operation of an international charitable foundation. All these together keep him abreast of nonprofit marketing and fundraising development. Additionally, Edward is a member of both Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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