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About Natalie

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Natalie is a philanthropic advisor, with 9+ years grant-making experience. In her various roles, she has been involved with over HKD100M in disbursements, in projects ranging from arts and marine conservation, to COVID-relief, healthcare and special needs education.
She is passionate in the importance of helping NGOs grow beyond the need of seed funding, and has partnered with NGOs through the end-to-end grant-seeking process, from early assessment to disbursement and capacity building.
Given her background as a chartered accountant, she also volunteers extensively, whether through HKICPA training courses in NGO financial management, or directly volunteering as financial advisors to various NGOs. She has served on the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres since 2020.
Please note that Natalie cannot discuss her current role or any funding applications to The Swire Group Charitable Trust during the session.

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