Apply for a consultation session with Betty to review your organization’s fundraising strategy, and identify potential next steps.

Topic examples: Fundraising proposal writing, review and editing / Proposal pitching & presentation skills (major donor, corporate or private funders) / Developing a corporate fundraising programme / Engage your board in fundraising

About Betty

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Betty has been practicing in the NGO and funder sector for the past ten years.  She is currently part of the Swire Group Charitable Trust team, and her role involves reviewing NGOs’ funding applications, coordinating the group-wide CSR functions, and organising staff engagement activities with NGO partners.
Her corporate experience includes Goldman Sachs and John Swire & Sons (H.K.), whilst her NGO experience involved frontline implementation, backend project monitoring & evaluation, as well as corporate and major donor fundraising.  The breadth of her experience affords a good understanding of NGOs’ concerns and roadblocks, and at the same time, the communication skills required when pitching proposals to funders.
Please note that Betty cannot discuss her current role or any funding applications to The Swire Group Charitable Trust during the session.

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