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About Eddie

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⭐ Testimonials

“The consultant is very helpful and his suggestions are very useful too!” — Bryony, YMCA
“Eddie actually shared a lot on social media from his own knowledge and experience. He also provided some suggestions on how we could improve our social media engagements and increase our followers.” — Edmond, Soap Cycling
Eddie is an innovative marketing leader who has thrived in multiple industries for over 15 years. Having worked for companies like CNN, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Delta Air Lines, but also helped multiple startups to succeed. He now leads the marketing efforts for the series-A startup Dash Living, promoting co-living and serviced living in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.
Eddie is known for his abilities in digital strategies, lifecycle marketing, CRM, advertising, and more. Outside of work, he’s an enthusiast in various areas of business psychology, sustainability, personal growth, yoga, and art.

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