Enquire for pro-bono services from La Voix’s team to discuss further about your emcee service needs.

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💬 Introduction of Company

LA VOIX means "Voice" in French. We specialise in voice-related talents and training services, including Emcee, Host and Voice-over talents; as well as training in public speaking and emcee skills. La Voix Emcee, Talents & Academy provides professional emcee services for corporates, governmental and other organisations in a wide array of occasions including exhibitions, conferences, ceremonies, product launches, annual dinners, award presentations, press conferences, concerts and more.We also have professional training courses on Emcee skills, public speaking and presentation skills available to public sectors, companies, schools and charitable organisations etc. We pride ourselves on our strong team of talents that possess excellent language abilities and profound event experience to master events of all kinds.

🎤 La Voix can offer professional emcee services for

  • Exhibitions
  • Press Conferences
  • Ceremonies
  • Annual Dinners
  • Award Presentations
  • … and more!

Past projects / Case studies

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Enquire for pro-bono emcee services

Please kindly email us at volunteers@timeauction.org and we will connect you with the service provider to learn more.