Apply for a consultation session with Alex to review your organization’s growth and business development strategy, or executive coaching on preparing for investment and partnership acquisition.

Topic examples: Review and create go-to-market & differentiation strategies, growth and business development strategies, executive coaching (investment, partnership acquisition and pitching)

About Alex

Alex is the co-founder of an award-winning technology startup and part-time lecturer at the HKBU School of Business, where he teaches Entrepreneurship & Business Development to postgraduates.
He started his career in banking and finance before transitioning into management consulting, where he worked with senior executives in global organisations on strategic and growth initiatives. In his current role, he leads business and brand development, marketing, product and sales while managing investor relations and partnerships.
You can ask Alex’s help on the following topics:
  • Review and creation of go-to-market and differentiation strategies with respect to your value proposition and fundraising state
  • Advisory services regarding your growth strategy and business development efforts
  • Executive coaching in preparation for fundraising and pitching

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